Ghenwa Nemnom

Ghenwa Nemnom

Ghenwa Nemnom brought the traditional Qanun to today’s music. Her passion began when she was just eight. A gifted child, often nicknamed “music prodigy”, she joined the National Lebanese Conservatory in 1995, where she mastered her instrument and gained in- depth knowledge in music formation and theory. She pursued her musical journey in the United States at the age of sixteen, where she studied Arts & Science at Oakland University of Michigan.

Ghenwa's unmatched appetite for a deeper understanding of music, led her to all four corners of the globe, wandering and discovering different types of music and art. Through her unique path, she dug further into the history of the Qanun, a Mediterranean ethnic music instrument that originated during Mycenaean times around 1600 BC and is famous for its unique melodramatic sound and richness.

Years later, Ghenwa took a life-changing decision. She moved back to her home country, Lebanon, and dedicated her life and her career solely to music. With her Qanun, she challenged the conventional, and explored the unknown, to pave new roads for an instrument that might be considered as old-fashioned and limited to the oriental music scene.

Exploring a new age of electronic and fusion, Ghenwa’s desire is to create a breakthrough with the Qanun’s unique sound, fusing it with a wide spectrum of musical genre , combining Oriental, Classical, Latin, African, Deep House and Groovy rhythms.

Ghenwa released her original tracks on global record labels such as Café de Anatolia, Alt Orient, Melody of the Soul, Laut & Luise, and Cottonmouth. Her music can be found on all major music platforms and is played across the five continents.

Ghenwa performed at major luxury brands events such as Christian Dior, Prada, Vacheron…. She has also played in the renowned Baalbek Festival, premiering her famous track “Echoes of the temple”.

If anything, Ghenwa Nemnom is a living proof that music is a universal language.